See instructions. General Rule For an organization filing Form 990 990-EZ or 990-PF that received during the year contributions totaling 5 000 or more in money or property from any one contributor. For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice see the instructions for Form 990 990-EZ or 990-PF. Cat. No. 30613X Schedule B Form 990 990-EZ or 990-PF 2018 Page 2 Name of organization Part I a No. Contributors see instructions. Note Don t include social security numbers of contributors as this information may...
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990 Schedule B: Revealing Who Gave What to Your Nonprofit

IRS 990 Schedule B for detailing your donor information

Next up in IRS 990 Schedule B, which is used to provide detailed information about your contributers and the donations they made to your tax-exempt organization.

What is the purpose of submitting IRS 990 Schedule B?

The Form 990-Schedule B is a schedule of contributors that is attached with Form 990, 990-EZ and 990-PF. Form 990-Schedule B is used to provide information about the contributions the organization reported on Form 990-EZ.  It should be filled by any organization that answered ‘No’ on the Form 990, Part 4, Checklist of the Required Schedules, line 2 on the Form 990, or that received contributions of $5000 or more for a contributor during the year.

Who must file IRS 990 Schedule B? 

All organizations that file form 990 or the form 990-EZ must complete and attach a 990 Schedule B, until and unless they can certify that they don't meet the filing requirements of the schedule by checking the Line H of Form 990-EZ.  An organization filing Schedule B can limit the contributors it reports on Schedule B using this greater-than-$5,000/2% threshold only if it checks the box on Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-EZ), Part II, line 13, 16a, or 16b.

What other forms are needed when you file IRS 990 Schedule B form?

Schedule B need to be filed along with form 990, 990 EZ and 990 PF.

What accounting method should be used for IRS 990 Schedule B form?

The same accounting method should be used that was checked on the Form 990, Part XII, Form 990-EZ, line G, Financial Statements and Reporting line 1 and Form 990-PF, line J.

When is IRS 990 Schedule B due?

Since it is attached to other forms, the deadline for 990 Schedule B is determined by the deadline for the 990 and the 990 EZ, which comes at the end of the fiscal year of the organizaton. The organizations must file the form by the 15th day of the 5th month after the end of the fiscal year.

What information do you need in order to complete this form?

The 990 schedule B needs the name and address of the organization and EIN, and detailed information about personal, payroll, and noncash contributions.  For more information on how to complete the form, review the IRS instructions.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 990 ez schedule o
Instructions and Help about 2018 form 990 schedule b

Welcome to my series of video tutorials on how to prepare form 990-ez information return for small tax-exempt organizations I'm David McCree I'm a CPA and you can find me on the web at my form 990-ez comm this is a quick overview of form 990-ez this is a four-page form and it's divided into six parts plus a header and a signature section the top is the header take care and filling out the header it's a very important part of the document next down here and part one on page one is the revenue section from lines one through line nine this is where you're going to report all of the organization's revenues but note that there are several lines in here where you're going to also put in some expenses here you're going to have a cost basis for certain assets that are sold or you can have direct expenses from fundraising events and you're going to have cost of goods sold so the total revenue here on line nine on your form 990-ez is not necessarily going to match your total revenue on quickbooks because of these reductions here then down below the revenue on page one is a small section for expenses now in the 990-ez this is a fairly abbreviated expense presentation compared to the full form 990 that's where the advantages to the EZ so this is where your expenses are going to go and keep in mind also that because you've included some expenses up here in the revenue section your total expenses on the form 990-ez are not necessarily going to equal total expenses on your QuickBooks or whatever accounting program you use or your spreadsheet or whatever then down here at the bottom this is usually where people goof up this is the net assets section net assets or basically what's left over after you subtract your liabilities from your assets and I'll be doing another video on that to show what that is a detail would keep in mind that this is a touchy area and so let's move along to page two you have a simplified balance sheet up here on part two at the top of page two and you always want to make sure that your beginning of the year balance sheet matches the end-of-the-year balance sheet and the year before that's something that's often goofed up and if they're not the same then you need to investigate and find out why and maybe you need to make an adjustment part three down here the statement of program service accomplishments this is an area where you simply state what your programs are and the amount of expenses for each program this is an area where you can really portray to the public and to the IRS what your organization has accomplished and I usually like to just put see attached schedule and then on schedule oh right a significant amount of information about the programs and how many people were served and so on and so forth let's see then down below that on page two still part four this is where you list officers directors trustees and key employees and you have to list them here whether they get paid or not okay and I see so many 1990s they just have...