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Schedule B (Form 990) Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue ServiceSchedule of Contributors OMB No. 15450047Attach to Form 990 or Form 990PF. Go to www.irs.gov/Form990 for the latest information.2022
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Comments and Help with 990 ez instructions

What is IRS form 990 Schedule B?

Form 990 Schedule B is a table of contributors attached with 990, 990-EZ, and 990-PF. This document provides information about the contributors and donations made to a tax-exempt organization.

Who should file IRS 990 Schedule B 2022?

All organizations that file 990 or 990-EZ forms must complete and attach a Schedule B unless they can certify they don't meet the filing requirements of the document by checking Line H of 990-EZ. An organization filing this document can limit the contributors it reports on Schedule B using this greater-than-$5,000/2% threshold. But only if it checks the box on Schedule A (990 or 990-EZ), Part II, line 13, 16a, or 16b.

What information do you need in order to complete this sample?

It requires files to provide information about the corporate name, address, Employer Identification Number, and detailed information about personal, payroll, and noncash contributions. For more details about the content of this record, review the IRS instructions.

How do I file form 990 Schedule B in 2023?

The template consists of six pages. However, filers only need to fill out four of them. There are many data fields, so filling it out online instead of dealing with paper copies is easier. To prepare the document on the web, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Select the Get Form button at the top of this page.
  2. Enable the Wizard option from the top toolbar to avoid missing required fields.
  3. Indicate your organization's name and EIN in the fillable fields at the top of each page.
  4. Return to the first page and select the appropriate box to indicate what forms accompany this record.
  5. Check applicable boxes in the General Rules and Special Rules sections.
  6. Use Part I to specify contributors of your organization.
  7. In Part II, identify the non-cash property you’ve received.
  8. If required, fill out Part III.
  9. Select Done to close the editor.
  10. Download your document, Print it out, or Send it by email.

Is Form 990 Schedule B accompanied by other forms?

File the form along with 990, 990-EZ, and 990-PF forms.

What accounting method should be used for IRS 990 Schedule B?

Use the same accounting method checked on 990, Part XII, 990-EZ, line G, Financial Statements and Reporting line 1, and 990-PF, line J.

When is IRS 990 Schedule B due?

Since it must be attached to other forms, the due date is determined by the deadline for the 990 and the 990 EZ, which comes at the end of the organization's fiscal year. The organization must file the record by the 15th day of the 5th month after the end of the fiscal year (May 15th).

Where do I send Form 990 Schedule B?

Taxpayers should send this record as a part of a document package to the Internal Revenue Service Center (Ogden, UT 84201-0027).

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 990 ez form
Instructions and Help about form schedule b
Welcome to my series of video tutorials on how to prepare form 990-ez information return for small tax-exempt organizations I'm David McCrae I'm a CPA and you can find me on the web at my form 990-ez comm this is a quick overview of form 990-ez this is a four-page form, and it's divided into six parts plus a header and a signature section the top is the header take care and filling out the header it's a very important part of the document next down here and part one on page one is the revenue section from lines one through line nine this is where you're going to report all the organization's revenues but note that there are several lines in here where you're going to also put in some expenses here you're going to have a cost basis for certain assets that are sold, or you can have direct expenses from fundraising events, and you're going to have cost of goods sold so the total revenue here on line nine on your form 990-ez is not necessarily going to match your total revenue on Quickbooks because of these reductions here then down below the revenue on page...


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